an extraordinary trip


Since the company prodis-design GmbH was founded by Reinhard Margelisch in 2007, he can look back on an exciting, instructive and creative time. The first four years of the company's existence were marked by numerous trips to India to set up productions, meet raw material producers and develop new collections. He built up his company on his own. This inevitably meant that he carried out all the work on his own for the first three years. Looking back, he recognizes a wealth of knowledge and experience in building his own business, which he can fall back on again and again when employees have questions.


To this day, the company name prodis-design expresses exactly what prodis-design is - the production and distribution of design.


fair wages

It is a company concern that the employees in the overseas production facilities are paid fairly for the work they do. Fair production includes adequate wages for staff, a negotiated price that covers production costs and provides long-term income. It also includes long-term production guarantees.


There are jobs for women and men in production. It will ensure that no children are involved in the production process.



prodis-design's own brands are handcrafted, which we consider to be an important aspect of today's digital transformation. Many handicrafts and core competencies fall victim to automation and lose their individual character, uniqueness and authenticity. In times when the whole world is talking about digitization, we try to preserve the tried and tested with our products and to secure jobs. The handicrafts of individual professions, regions and cultures are preserved, promoted and secured instead of being rationalized away on the basis of automated processes (which are definitely justified). In the spirit of people - for people.


For us, handicraft has an ecological component as well as a social component. Because production raw materials that are cut by hand make it possible, on the one hand, to minimize the remaining quantities and, on the other hand, to continue to use them as product details or new products.



sustainability since 2007

Tokyo Designers Week 2008

After the company was founded in 2007, Reinhard Margelisch was invited to the Tokyo Designers Week 2008 as a designer. He took the picture Sustainable at a construction site in Tokyo and has been a symbol of his work ever since.

the core tasks are concentrated in one location

Reinhard Margelisch was able to realize the long-awaited wish for his own company building in 2020. For him, buying the property is an act of liberation and a statement. The warehouse, the dispatch warehouse, a design studio, the material cutting, a repair workshop and the office space are located at the company's headquarters. A flat hierarchy, short communication channels, flexibility and spontaneity characterize the way prodis-design works.



the core team

Mirjam Müller-prodis-design-Margelisch

At Mirjam Müller, all threads come together ... but she can't sew!

As an adult educator MAS, she worked as a lecturer for 9 years and has been part of the prodis-design team since 2014.


New, unknown, further development, social issues and creativity are topics that captivate and motivate her. This is how the lateral entrant jump into the cold and unknown prodis-design GmbH waters can be explained. Linking her skills, knowledge and resources with the new tasks and tackling the new challenges without hesitation will keep her motivated to do the varied work till today. Mirjam is responsible for customer service, shipping coordination and accounting.


Roger Willi, the sales representative

Thanks to him, business partners are always up to date.

Roger is a family man, musician and culture addict.

Roger first came into contact with prodis-design in 2008 when he met Reinhard at a trade fair. Their paths crossed several times by 2010. In 2010 they nailed their heads and Roger joined the company as sales manager for stationary retail. Since then, Roger has been responsible for customer acquisition, customer care and the implementation of trade fairs.



Jan Wrobel, the law enforcement officer


He ensures order in the storeroom in Germany.


Since 2010 prodis-design maintains a warehouse in Germany to handle international business. Jan has been responsible for the smooth shipping process, warehouse management and returns management since 2019.



Etienne Desaulles has been our industrial and graphic designer since 2022.

After training as a graphic designer, he then did his bachelor's degree at the Institute for Industrial Design, University of Art and Design in Basel.

Etienne leads our curvy behavior back into clear lines.


Reinhard Margelisch


Reinhard is responsible for product development and production facilities. As the owner, he extinguishes fires wherever there is a fire.


Reinhard Margelisch prodis-design


prodis-design GmbH

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